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Goodbye, Khrushchevki

Soviet Housing in Post-Soviet Europe

1. Орехово-Борисово (Orekhovo-Borisovo)

Орехово-Борисово (Orekhovo-Borisovo) in the South-East of Moscow is a huge residential district (actually several conflated in one), remarkable for its temporal unity. It was built between 1974 and 1977 and contains many of the popular series of the 70’s, including 11-49,1-515/9, 11-68.

Metro station: Орехово – Домодедово, Green line

Framed by: ул. Шипиловская, Каширское шоссе, Ореховый бульва, Шипиловский проезд

2. Тропарево-Никулино (Troparevo-Nikulino)

Тропарево-Никулино (Troparevo-Nikulino) is a district in the outer South-West of Moscow and is considered one of the most prestigious outskirts of the city. It used to be a test ground for new housing developments in the 70’s; therefore this is an example on how it should be. On the other hand, you can find mass series 11-49 and 11-57, repeated all over Moscow.

Metro station: Юго-Запад, Red line

Framed by: Ленинский пр., пр. Вернадского, р. Самородинка

3. Коньково (Konkovo)

Коньково (Konkovo) is a neutral district on the Orange line in the south. It has a characteristic 70’s structure with long bending 9-storeys-high (11-49 in this case), some 12-storeys-high (11-57) buildings, and 2 wide pedestrian fields perpendicular to the main artery – Профсоюзная улица.

Metro station: Коньково – Теплый Стан, Orange line

Framed by: ул. Островитянова from the North, ул. Профсоюзная from the East, ул. Теплый Стан from the south, and the forest from the west.

4. Ивановское (Ivanovskoe)

Ивановское (Ivanovskoe) is a worker’s estate in the east of Moscow. It is considered to be one of the most criminal districts of the city. Built for the most part in 1972-1974, it has a clear division in public part along roads and almost completely closed courtyards with schools. Many of the same typologies exist here, but the quality of construction is considerably worse.

Metro station: Новогиреево, Yellow Line

Framed by: Свободный пр. from the West, Шоссе Энтузиастов from the North, МКАД from the East, ул. Прокатная, ул. Молостовых, Напольный проезд from the South.

5. Тушино-Северное (Tushino-North)

Тушино-Северное (Tushino-North) in North-West corner of Moscow was built up from mid-60’s to early 70’s, with some buildings added in 1980. This is a district possessing characteristics of earlier era than the other districts here – you won’t find bending or breaking patterns, the whole urban structure consists of strokes – yet due to its growth over time, variety of building types. The The part built between 1967 and 1969) with 9-storey-high buildings (again 11-49) is along Planernaya street.

metro station: Планерная, Purple line

framed by: ул. Свободы, ул. Фомичевой, ул. Планерная, Алешкинский пр.

(Microrayon locations and information from: Future Faculty: Post-Socialist Russian City Project)


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