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Goodbye, Khrushchevki

Soviet Housing in Post-Soviet Europe

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This morning I woke up super early because of jetleg and headed out to my first Microrayon site visit, the Cheryomushki area south west of city center. After getting off the train, I walked around the microrayon called Орехово-Борисово (Orekhovo-Borisovo), which is a huge residential area containing examples of several era of soviet housing.

map of Орехово-Борисово (Orekhovo-Borisovo) microrayon in Новые Черёмушки (Novye Cheryomushki) area

Among the developments were what looked like early 60’s brick 5 storey houses, the first typology of the Khrushchev era. These are much older than the other buildings judging from the brick construction and the fully grown trees and foliage completely covering them. Further in there were later examples of concrete panel 12 and 14 storey houses, most likely from the 1980’s. There was even new construction going up that was curvier than the old type of apartments, but honestly not that much more inventive. This development is one of the biggest microrayons in Moscow, and was the testbed of many housing typologies, which were then implemented throughout the soviet union. I will put up more pictures as I edit them, but here is one for now:

Image 1. Newer construction residential highrises on the edge of Орехово-Борисово (Orekhovo-Borisovo) microrayon.

Image 2. Older 5-story brick construction.

Image 3 & 4. Newer 12 and 17 story construction. (Note the amount of wires strung between the roofs. These carry internet and other modern digital amenities)

I hope to discuss this area with Katya and Varvara tonight to get a better idea of the time period and construction typologies represented in this microrayon.