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Goodbye, Khrushchevki

Soviet Housing in Post-Soviet Europe


Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design

  • Katya Girshina – Director of public programmes
  • Varvara Melnikova – Chief Operating Officer

Moscow Architectural Institute (MARCHI)

  • Andrey Nekrasov – Professor of Architecture
  • Alessandra Latour


Riga Technical Institute

  • Sandra Treija – Deputy dean, faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, specializing in Riga housing issues.
  • Uģis Bratuškins – Associate Professor.
  • Manten Devriendt – Doctoral student, researcher, focusing on comparing mass housing throughout Europe and USSR.
  • Artis Zvirgzdiņš – Editor of HTTP://WWW.A4D.LV
  • Aleksandrs Feltins – Architecture student, focusing on public space in Riga’s microrayons.

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